How to Overcome Drone Anxiety | Drone Range Issues?

How to Overcome Drone Anxiety or Drone Range Issues?Usually flying a drone is considered to be an activity that enables you to have a lot of fun, however, it is not the same case for every person.

There are many people who instead of enjoying flying a drone, suffer from drone range anxiety and there could be many reasons for that.

Such as some people get anxious about the range of the Drone, some people fear crashing it into the water, etc. 


How to Overcome Drone Anxiety | Drone Range Issues?

Today in this article we will discuss how you can overcome your anxiety related to drones. You don’t have to worry about it because it can be fixed really easily you have to follow the instructions mentioned below.

Also, you can explore to find out all kinds of drones that come with different specifications. 

Practice in Open Field

If you suffer from Drone anxiety while flying it which could be about many different things then the first thing you have to do is practice flying your drone over an open field.

You can practice and improve your flying skills there as long as you want. You can learn different maneuvers and you can get a better idea of how to control your Drone in different scenarios.

Although all the latest drones from every brand especially DJI come equipped with many safety features we will discuss them later in this article. This means as compared to a decade ago latest drones are much safer to fly.

At The Beginning Avoid Open Waters

Flying over a beach especially when you are a beginner always puts a fear at the back of your head that you can crash into the water and your expensive Drone will be destroyed.

There are a few factors that increase anxiety while you fly your drone at a beach or a lake. As compared to other areas winds are normally rough at beaches which can affect the stability of your drone.

However on the other hand all drones terms with a wind-resistant rating. Manufacturers always test them in comparatively rough winds and improve if they found any stability issues before releasing them in the market for normal consumers.

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Fly in The Visual Range

If you always fear that while flying a drone you can crash it while going over the range limit and that makes you anxious then instead of controlling it from the display monitor or first-person view (FPV) goggles.

In the beginning, try to fly your Drone in the visual range to boost your confidence. If a Drone detects that you are going near the maximum flying range it will notify you many times which is a built-in feature by the manufacturer.

Also, drones are usually connected to satellites as well so if your drone somehow crosses the maximum range a safety feature known as back to home will enable it to come back to the location from where it took off. 

Drones Have Safety Features

As we have mentioned safety feature above known as back to home enables the drone to come back to the take-off location in case it loses the signals.

Just like that, there are other safety features available in the drone for certain situations. First of all, they are equipped with a GPS Navigation system which allows you to track their location.

You can also set a path for your Drone to follow without needing to control it. Another safety feature known as emergency break or emergency stop enables your drone to stop in mid-air while flying and start hovering if something abruptly comes in front of it. 

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Obstacle Avoidance 

Perhaps one of the best safety features all the latest drones are equipped with is an obstacle avoidance system, it enables your drone to detect any hurdle in front of it and maneuver accordingly to avoid it.

To make this system work manufacturers equip the drones with special senses all around. These sensors can even detect water if you go too close and avoid it accordingly so you don’t Crash Your drone accidentally.

So if you always have a fear that you crashed your drone then don’t worry this feature will make sure it won’t happen. The obstacle avoidance sensors provide your drone with 360-degree awareness of its surroundings while you fly it from the ground.

Get A Spare Battery

Many people who fly drones always suffer from anxiety that if they don’t run out of battery while flying mid-air which by the way is kind of a valid worry.

However first of all every drone comes with the maximum battery time written in the manual and also your controller shows that detail about your battery status.

The best way to overcome this anxiety is that you can take extra precautions, if the maximum battery backup of your drone is 25 minutes fly it maximum for 20 or 22 minutes.

In that way, you will have some extra power left in your battery. Also so you can buy another spare battery so you can increase the overall flying time of your drone.

FAA Regulations 

There are some regulations you have to follow while flying a Drone, especially in America, the department of f double FAA ensures that everyone is following the laws which are pretty straightforward.

However, some people get anxious by the thought that what if they unintentionally broke any law? In that case first of all, in the specification section of your Drone manual its size, weight, and features will be written.

Which will provide you with a clear idea if your drone check marks all the FAA requirements or not. You can also apply for a license from FAA which will make you a licensed Drone pilot giving you freedom from this is it once and for all.

Fly With Freind or a Family Member

Flying a Drone is fun but it gets an even more enjoyable experience when you do it with a friend or a family member, also you get some moral support and confidence if you suffer from anxiety while flying a drone.

You can take turns and while your friend or family member is flying you cannot serve him how he does that. In that way, you can boost your confidence and improve your flying skills enabling you to control your tone better.

Also so you can take lessons from Professional Drone pilots, they will teach you in a more professional way that can help you to even learn how to capture stunning aerial shots and images.


Drones are getting more and more popular with time and everybody wants to have them no matter for professional needs or just for the sake of fun.

Getting anxious while flying a drone is not a very big problem and it can be solved by following certain instructions. On top of that if you get anxious while flying a Drone first thing you have to tell yourself is that you are not the only one experiencing it there are many people who get anxious like you. Just follow the tips mentioned above to avoid experiencing drone range anxiety or drone range issues.

We hope that this article will help you in overcoming your anxiety while flying a drone whether it’s about range or any other thing. If you are interested in buying a drone you can visit but before doing so we will recommend you should read our detailed Beginner Drone Buying Guide

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