How Much Noise Do Drones Make?

How Much Noise Do Drones Make?Many consumers who are interested in buying drones are also concerned about how loud consumer drones could be.

If you are one of those people then this article is definitely for you. The noise of any drone depends on many factors and one of them is which kind of area you live in since the noise consumer drones make can travel far.

Normally any kind of consumer drone would make an 80 DB sound on average. However bigger drones which are normally used on an industrial level could be even louder including some of the hexacopters.

This simply means that as compared to let’s say a vacuum cleaner which makes almost 65 DB of sound max drones are comparatively louder. 

How Much Noise Do Drones Make?

However, it is also a fact that the area in which you are flying your drone also matters because in open areas the noise levels are different as compared to indoors.

Below we not only have discussed this topic in detail but also we have included some ways by which you can reduce the sound of your drone, so let’s start. 

Also, you can explore to find out plenty of more drones that come with all the essential features. 

Reasons For Drones Being Loud

Have you ever wondered why consumer drones even make noise in the first place while flying? There are a few characteristics because of which drones sound loud and the first of them is the propellers.

Just like the helicopter, the propeller blades of the drones spin at a very fast speed. As a result, the air around them is displaced, which is why you hear the sound.

When the propellers spin at a fast rate they create pressure around them which is necessary to produce the lift. The second most important factor is the Motors which rotate the propellers.

Under the eating propeller, there is a separate motor to generate the power to rotate it. However brushless Motors are louder as compared to traditional Motors.

On the other hand, the noise produced by the propeller blades depends on two main factors. First of all their shape and secondly what is the diameter of the blades for example Length and width?

Propeller Blades Design & Shape

It is a simple mechanism to understand, the more Aerodynamic propeller blades are the less sound they will make. Well, obviously all the Drone manufacturers make their propeller blades an Aerodynamic visit necessary for the Drone to be able to fly.

But there are few manufacturers like DJI who have developed new designs to improve Aerodynamics so they can minimize the overall noise of that drone.

However, there is a certain shape of propeller blades required to produce the lift for the drone. And also only the configuration of propeller blades is not responsible for the loud sound drones make while flying.

As we have mentioned above there are many more factors that we will discuss in this article below as well. But first, let us provide you with a clear idea about the propeller blades.

You may have noticed that not only you can put the propeller wings of the drone but also you can fold the propeller blades as well.

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The Dimensions of The Propeller Blades

First of all the measurements like the size and width of the propeller blades depends on the overall size of the drone and how much it weighs.

Also, there are a few drones mostly on the industrial level which offer 6 propellers instead of 4. Now let us share with you some technical details as well.

If the propeller blades are longer in length the spinning of these blades will be slower as compared to shorter propeller plates. This simply means that propeller blades that are longer in length make less noise comparatively.

But at the same time long propeller blades are required for big drones to generate the required lift. A very easy-to-understand example of this is the helicopter.

The length of the helicopter propeller blades is always longer because without them the helicopter would not be able to fly or even take off.

How Much Distance Drones Noise Can Cover?

To determine the accurate levels we have done a few tests while flying the Drone in different scenarios. During these tests, we have tested out not only DJI but other drones as well to calculate the noise par distance.

As you may know that DJI Mavic Pro is included in the list of those drones which are considered to be the quietest. On the other hand, DJI Inspire makes a comparatively louder noise.

By testing these two drones we can have a good idea of how far Drone noise can travel. When the normal consumer drone took off it makes the sound of almost 70 DB which is equal to the kind of noises you hear in the car while going at 60 mph.

From a distance of almost 24 feet, your drone could be heard making a noise of 56 DB and from a distance of 50 feet, it will be like 52 DB.

Is It Possible To Reduce The Noise of Drones?

If you think that your drone is making too much noise while flying there are a few ways by which you can make it comparatively quieter.

In fact, you can make your drone almost 10 DB quieter by doing some tweaks and modifications. The first thing you can do is you can order silent propellers which are bigger in size.

As you may have remembered we have mentioned above that bigger propeller blades make less noise. You can also buy a propeller which offers more blades.

Make sure before the flight that you have cleaned the propeller blades properly. If you are confused that why we are telling everything only about propeller blades then the simple answer is the issue of noise is always 99% related to the propeller blades.

It is because they are the main source of noise and by modifying and treating them you can easily make your drone quieter.

Drone Noise Test - DJI Avata vs DJI FPV vs DJI Mavic 3 vs DJI Air 2S compared


Remember one thing which is the most important there is no way you can completely silence your drone. We are saying yet because it is possible that in the future don’t manufacturers like DJI could find a way to do that.

It is also possible that instead of propeller Motors new technology could completely revolutionize the already booming Drone industry.

For now, what you can do if loud noise bothers you then you can choose a drone-like DJI Mavic which is equipped with silent propellers enabling it to make less noise.

And it is not the only drone that comes with longer propeller blades in order to control the noise there are many similar Drones by other manufacturers available in the market currently.

However, to find them you have to search a lot which consumes both your time and also energy. But no need to worry since there is another easy way which is you can simply visit for all kinds of drones and their accessories under every price range.

And before buying your desired drone don’t forget to read our detailed Beginner’s Drone Buying Guide.

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