How to Make Money with Camera Drone in 2023?

How to Make Money with Camera Drone in 2023?It is a fact that flying a drone is fun however it’s not their only purpose, there are many ways by which you can make money with your drone.

As you may know, drones are the technological equipment that is used at the professional level as well.

Monitoring of weather, aerial footage, and telecommunication are among the professions which can make you earn a decent amount of money.


How to Make Money with Camera Drone in 2023?

So without wasting any time let’s jump into the article to share with you all the platforms that will enable you to make money with your drone.  

Also, you can explore to find out plenty of drones and their related accessories. 

How To Make Money With Your Drone in 2024 (For Beginners)

Wedding & Events

As you all know that on the occasion of weddings professional photographers are required to capture those special moments. What you may not know is that nowadays people also contact professional Drone operators to capture the aerial view of the occasion.

In fact, Drone photography is getting popular and popular on these occasions. The majority of the time people choose special locations for their weddings and a drone can capture the beauty of those locations which makes those movements even more special.

If you are interested either you can directly contact the nearby wedding photography business or you can reach out to freelance websites like Fiverr to start earning.

Aerial mapping

To plan large infrastructures like houses and residential/commercial buildings, it is required to examine larger areas properly. And nowadays this work is done by using commercial drones which also save time and make this job much easier.

The images and video that a drone took during the examination of the land can also be used for making accurate 3d maps. You can search for the aerial mapping job since every now and then new opportunities could be available near you.

Now if you are interested in this job and don’t find any related work near you then don’t worry because we have found a platform for you.

You can search on and where you can not only get the required work but also you will be offered a training program first. 

Making Money with My Drones

Sell Aerial Photos & Videos

If you have a drone with a high-resolution 4K camera then you can earn money by selling your aerial videos and photos. There are many platforms that pay you handsome amounts of money for your content including many online websites.

Companies pay for your photos in videos and use them afterward in instructional videos, marketing purposes, and even in advertisements.

The majority of the websites pay you in terms of commission which depends on is your content exclusive or not. If you are interested in this work then you can visit Alamy, SmugMug, Twenty, Stocksy, and 500px.

Do remember that amount of commission varies from website to website so don’t forget to check out their rules and regulations.

Cinematic Videography & Film Making

Film making is an art and you can do this if you have the skills with your drone, you can put an entire story if you know how to do that. You may have heard about Drone festivals and if you have never heard about them then let us explain.

All around the world different drone festivals happen all year which provide you the chance to win prizes including cash. If you think that you can make drone videos special with your skills then you must participate in these festivals.

One of the well-known festivals among them is the Boston Drone film festival.

Real Estate

Just like other businesses in the field of real estate of you can also earn money by making videos and capturing pictures of the properties which are up for sale.

You can make cinematic shorts of the exterior, fly over the whole property to give the buyers a better idea of the location, etc. The best part is unlike exclusive content these pictures and videos can be sold a lot faster and easier.

To start earning from this field you can contact real estate agents nearby since they always search for people who can help them in selling the property at a good price.

Places like hotels and resorts require eye-catching aerial and exterior shots of their property and location to attract customers by advertising them.

People love to spend holidays at beautiful locations where they can enjoy and relax with friends and family. Interior photography is done by photographers but for the exterior and aerial footage, they always require a Drone operator.

You only need a decently high-resolution camera-equipped drone to start earning from this field. To try your luck for the job you can reach the official websites and social media accounts of nearby hotels and resorts.

You can directly email them with your portfolio attached and some photos and videos so they can have an idea about your skills.

Deliver Packages

Delivering packages by drone is not rare anymore since Amazon is already doing it with their Prime air system. The company ensures that packages have been delivered to the customers in under half an hour however package must weigh 2 kg or less.

After Amazon, many delivery companies started the same different names for the service. Although the majority of the time company provides drones by itself and hires you as an operator.

If you don’t want to do that then you can also work as a freelancer with a nonprofit in startup platforms including some of the most well-known Fiverr, People Per Hour & UpWork.

Offer Services For Search & Rescue

First of all, you want to clarify that as a professional Drone operator working with an official investigation is not possible, however, once the investigation is done then you can offer your services.

SWARM is a platform that offers the work of searching for missing animals and even personals to the drone Pilots who volunteer.

Yes, some of these companies don’t pay and only contact volunteers but on the other hand as a freelancer, you can work with some nonprofit organizations that offer a proper salary for this job.

Do remember that before starting as a professional these companies also provide you training for Search and rescue missions with your drone.

Agriculture Precision 

The process of effectively dealing with the changes occurring in the crops which also requires monitoring is known as agriculture precision.

Also, drones can provide a better idea of where you should plant the seed by providing an aerial view of the farmland. Apart from that by using a drone, you can determine where to replant the prune and where you should apply fertilizer.

By using drones you get two benefits first it is a lot cheaper and second one is it is more convenient. People who live near or in rural areas can directly offer their services to a farmer to earn a decent amount of cash.

Inspection of Buildings

Buildings and structures require maintenance with time and to inspect them drones are the most convenient and safer way. Since drones can reach the areas where you normally cannot possibly go without special equipment and that’s why there are also cost-effective.

A building inspection can also be required after natural disasters like earthquakes and floods. Because they can damage the structure of a building which could lead to a catastrophe.

You can contact industries like utility towers and construction sites they always require a Drone operated by a professional for inspections from time to time. Also, normal houses do need roof inspections especially when the season changes.


We hope that the ways we have mentioned above will benefit you and help you in making money with your drone. Which platform or field you want to choose depends on what kind of drone you have since there is a requirement for each field that is different.

For example, if you want to be a wedding Drone photographer then you must have a drone that offers high resolution 4K camera. Same requirements for the platforms where you can sell your aerial videos in photos.

On the other hand, if you want to be a Drone delivery operator then you must have a full-size drone that can lift and deliver the packages.

For the latest amazing drones and their related accessories do visit DroneChest.Com also if you haven’t bought a Drone yet then we will recommend you read our Beginner Drone Buying Guide before buying one.

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